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11"335is VS. 09"E92 M3...?

Hi, riders...
I am thinking to buy my new bimmer...
It would be either used 335is or 09"M3 (definitely not enough fund for 10 or any newer

Matter of a fact this is a M3 forum...but what would you recommend in terms of my situation...?

I live in Socal and over 25.
Have much of driving experience (truck, police vehicle, escort vehicle)
My Max budget would be 50k ish include Tax...
I have already founded right one for 335is, but still looking for the 09 DCT M3 with my budget...

What do you recommend?
335is is very tempting me. It has more fuel efficiency than V8 M3, and even more torque at lower RPM. Moreover, it is almost brand new model with DCT(most likely same as M3). Finally, probably little cheaper insurance rate would be.
However, you know... M3 is freaking M3...!
M3 has been dream car of my entire life. And I probably wouldn't buy these fancy gas eating coupe after I get married and have some children...

My last concern is......
Do I even have a chance to get a E92 M3 with DCT and Navi for 50k include tax...?
I can see lots of 08" M3 are sold for low 40k (not sure why...maybe b/c warranty and poor 08" iDrive...?)

Please feel free to PM me or give any concerns...

Thanks !!!