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Originally Posted by username11 View Post
So to me, I associate Panerai with Ed Hardy shirts, blowouts, and this guy:

Wtf...why do you have pictures of me and are posting them on public forum?????????

Panerai's prestige along with more high end brands like AP, PP, etc. is more about the company's history/heritage than their potential for professional use. I could show you a 100k vintage Panerai that you would think came from a random garage sale. By no means flashy/ostentatious, something that would only appeal to a very select few collector(you would probably refer to as an "idiot with bad taste") No doubt the high end watch game is all about marketing and exclusivity. The regular price increases watchmakers are doing now may be in part to price out the middle class and keep their products exclusive.

On an annual basis though where I live, I probably see less than 5 Panerai's while I am out and about.

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