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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
Wow, you are so far off the's funny

Ed Hardy of the watch world would be Invicta, higher end brand even remotely close to getting this kind of criticism is Bell & Ross.

IWC Portuguese, is that COSC certified, just curious - You do realize all of Breitling watches are certified right?

No doubt, I want a Top Gun...but your post is like fighting words for anyone who owns those brands.

Personally, BBK is overkill - I would pick up a new watch, maybe a GMTIIC.
I realize this thread is old and such but it involves two things I LOVE. Cars and watches. All this thread lacks is pictures of hot girls.

OP, good choice on going with the watch vs bbk. I won't throw in my two cents on watch choice because that is always personal if it's not for investment purposes. I only buy watches I presently don't think I'll ever sell, and will eventually give to my future son or son in law. So you can imagine that trend pieces or non classic pieces won't find their way into my hands. Also, a watch should speak to you. That's the one you get. You don't buy the one that some guy told you is highly desirable or from a more respected manufacturer etc. (unless you're dumb and trying to buy a Jacbo&co 5 time zone quartz tragedy, in which, listen to your friend...he's a cool dude)

BBK will be popular since it's a car forum. BBK is my favorite mod...and if I were ever to mod my car, I'd throw on some yellow banana calipers from AP or Brembo. But it's a depreciating asset thrown at an even faster depreciating asset - so as long as we're being semi-cost conscious about not buying two toys at once, buying the watch made more sense.

I'd love to see this same poll thrown up at's general forum. Or even I bet it'd be filled with Lange Datograph sporting old farts yelling at you for even thinking about modding your car.

I recently got a black dial daytona over the 5001-07 IWC port a couple weeks ago and one day would love to have an AP ROC in pink gold. But at the going rate, that won't ever happen.