Thread: BBK or Panerai?
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Originally Posted by username11 View Post
BBK. Panerai are the Ed Hardy apparel of the watch world. Huge, ostentatious, overpriced: all representative of bad taste and the need for the largest/most noticeable over quality. Almost as tacky as Breitling's worst.

If the topic was "BBK or IWC Portuguese?" it'd be a different story.

As always, just my opinion!
Heh p ignorant. I own Panerai and IWC. Panerai is very simple utilitarian design. All high end watches are overpriced, some more than others.

Not really sure how you can say a PAM 292 is "huge and ostentatious" its one of the aesthetically simplest design watches out there and is all black.
Overpriced it definitely is, but its worth what the market will bear. They hold their value very well, usually much better than IWC.

IWC Portuguese is a large watch and overpriced as well, but also very nice and not a bad investment. Apples and oranges though.