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Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
This argument is getting retarded. Name a car that has an engine AND handles like this at this price point. CTS-V, great motor but too damn heavy. Mustang, awesome effort from Ford but not refined. Great motor in the 'Stang. Archaic rear axle and cheap where it shouldn't be but at that price point it's tough to argue. C63, great motor(a recurring theme) but heavy,no manual transmission and can't turn. Straight line fun only. M3, "maybe the greatest all-around car ever." About 4 different publications have stated that and frankly I agree. I fall in love with this motor more and more each time I drive it. The S65 would have been considered exotic a few years back and never attainable at this price. 8400 rpm redline in a streetable everyday car, outstanding. Gas mileage is putrid(not for me though) but did I mention this is the most reliable car BMW makes. This car will be sorely missed because it is legendary. IT DOES EVERYTHING but make coffee.
I'm not comparing the m3 to other cars. I'm comparing it to what it could have been. All the cars you list have good motors but poor handling. Why couldn't BMW put a similar motor to the one found in the c63 in the m3? In my opinion the weakest link on the m3 is the engine and I'm not sure why it deserves so much praise.