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Originally Posted by username11 View Post
BBK. Panerai are the Ed Hardy apparel of the watch world. Huge, ostentatious, overpriced: all representative of bad taste and the need for the largest/most noticeable over quality. Almost as tacky as Breitling's worst.

If the topic was "BBK or IWC Portuguese?" it'd be a different story.

As always, just my opinion!
Wow, you are so far off the's funny

Ed Hardy of the watch world would be Invicta, higher end brand even remotely close to getting this kind of criticism is Bell & Ross.

IWC Portuguese, is that COSC certified, just curious - You do realize all of Breitling watches are certified right?

No doubt, I want a Top Gun...but your post is like fighting words for anyone who owns those brands.

Personally, BBK is overkill - I would pick up a new watch, maybe a GMTIIC.