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Originally Posted by W Cole View Post
Why does the redline matter? The engine in the Honda S2000 revs to 9k but is completely anemic.

Not sure the engine has an affect on handling unless it is super light or something.
W Cole,
The reasons why it matters, is because it is directly linking the car to motorsports. The pinnacle for these factory sports cars is their lineage to racing and the sucess of their respective racing teams. High reving, naturally aspirated engines in this case are/were BMW and the M division's link. You are missing the historical and racing connection. Sure, for a guy who doesn't know much about racing or auto history, the M3 doesn't seem legendary, because you measure a car by 0-60 and N-ring numbers, neither of which are lengendary.

It's funny that you bring up the s2000, I would consider that a car a legend on two fronts, one because it pays tribute to an older classic honda that like the s2000 was underpowered yet still gave more powerful vehicles trouble. The other, because of it's design and technological aspects: The pure 50/50 balance, driver's seating position, styling, transmission and the engine (was not anemic btw) maybe during daily driving but on the track, no way anemic in any form - the s2000 still gives cars with more power trouble, and a very rewarding car to drive.

Similiar to an M3, while not the highest of powered cars - it still seems to challenge if not beat cars like the C63, CTS-V, and Audi RS5 - on the track.