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Originally Posted by aka_phox View Post
Do you have in stock the Blizzak LM-60 staggered? I have the stock OEM 19s.... or what would you recommend being that where I live, we do not get much snow (maybe 2 inches all winter). We mostly get cold dry days and night and sometimes rain and freezing temps. But I do travel on the highway during these conditions as well with added "light snow fall". Any suggestions? or would I even need a "winter tire"? may "all seasons"?
LM 60s are the only staggered 19" snows currently available. 255 F 275R. I'll reuse the link I just posted a minute ago

Click the link and enter your ZIP for price and availability. They are in stock right now. $1246 + freight (and tax if applicable).

Sounds as though you could get away with an all season for your winter tire also given how little snow you have. The winter tires stay more pliable at cold temperatures, so they will usually have better grip in dry weather that is very cold compared to all seasons. So you may still find that the winters are worth it, but with that little snow you could drive safely on an all season.
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