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Originally Posted by W Cole View Post
Why does the redline matter? The engine in the Honda S2000 revs to 9k but is completely anemic.

Not sure the engine has an affect on handling unless it is super light or something.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the engine is made out of Aluminum and metals?

Originally Posted by Mitchell View Post
a power band from 5000 to 8300rpm does nothing more than a power band from 3700-7000rpm. I will not knock this motor but I will tell you that 8300 is simply a number that gets your blood flowing when you hear it. It provides nothing over the 7000rpm that potentially makes 1.5 times the power.

If somebody wants to get into it about the science behind it with me that is fine but know that I am not knocking this motor. I am rather telling you that the points you bring up about 8300rpm do not make this better than if it had the same power at 6000rpm.
Linear power delivery is the name of the game. You get power from around 3.5k all the way to redline. What other motor does that? It's practically a race engine. Now, it may not be perfect for the street but the engine and the characteristic on power delivery are incredible.