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Originally Posted by Prophizee View Post
I am getting so sick of people down playing the m3. If you think it's to fat and has too much luxury then don't buy one. I am a track driver and I love the m3. I love how it does everything. Fast luxuries, beautiful exterior and one hell of an engine. Now I am sorry and I know everyone is going to say Ooooo your a m3 fanatic and I need to hope off it's d***k. But that where your wrong. The car has been out since 2007 and it still competes with the very best cars coming out in 2011. That alone speaks volumes on how the car was designed. Secondly to the op it's your money your car stop asking for opinions on what car to buy and have your own mind and pick the car you want. I personally think the 1m is just a funny looking car that I couldn't look at everyday. Last thing if you think BMW has lost there edge in quality then why the hell are you buying one...
The e9x m3 lost it's heritage; that's funny... It didn't loose it's heritage it's just moving along with the time and i for one am glad that it is.
I love the M3 for what it is and was designed to be, however, it hardly runs with the very best cars coming out in 2011. And, yes it is too heavy.

Lay off the OP. He is looking for opinions which it what this forum is for.