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Originally Posted by FrenchBoy View Post
I fit checked the ST60 on my 18's before buying the ST40 instead. Spacers are a must for clearance which I did not feel comfortable as a long term and permanent solution.

Even with spacers, clearance is minimal. Probably between 1 and 2mm which is a bit concerning if anything gets stuck inside the rim (piece of rubber, rock, etc.). Be careful and check the inside of your rim often.
Not sure if they are slightly different but the calipers are STR-60. From what I understand they are lightened versions of the ST-60. I've been running spacers for a few years now for my track setup so I'm pretty comfortable with them. With the shape of the inner barrels of the OEM 18's the calipers clear nicely at about 6-7mm or ~0.25" and that is at its closest which really is just one particular allen bolt. If I wanted more clearance I could replace that one allen with a half head height allen and gain another couple mm's.

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