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2011.75 E92
Living in Austin, TX
25, married, clean record
$1000 deductible with 250/500/200 limits
2 cars on the policy
Paying $65/month for the M3 with Amica

Amica has been rated top in customer satisfaction by JD Power for the last 11 years running (USAA was higher, but they're not open to the general public) and I've loved my time with them. The rates are cheap, I always get a very knowledgeable and HUMAN person on the phone when I need to call, and despite being cheap in the 2 accidents I've had (neither was my fault) they were fantastic. In one case the other party wouldn't return calls for 8 months and it was looking like I wouldn't get my deductible back as a result, but they persisted that long and got it back for me. Highly recommended.

OP, trust me, insurance will be a drop in the bucket compared to gas -- and make sure you set aside a reserve fund for maintenance and repairs if your warranty and service will be going away soon.
'16 Cayman GT4 (delivery pics, comparison to E92 M3 write-up)

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