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Originally Posted by MrGroup View Post
Nice trip. I love my space grey but damn the Le Mans looks sick! Will definitely be the paint on my next BMW. Cheers!
I was actually debating Space Grey and LMB! They are both beautiful but I'm very happy I went with Le Mans.

Originally Posted by greekcs View Post
Nice pics. How many miles were on the clock when you thrashed it on the ring?
Roughly 800 or so. I actually didn't thrash it, though I admit I drove it a little hard. I took it very easy for a few reasons, A) Still in Break-in period B)First time out on the Ring and I was well aware how difficult the track was C)The track was wet with it raining off and on. I'm sure you've seen the accident that happened recently, and those barriers are billed to you if you damage them at 1600 Euros a meter!

This is another reason we did the Ring-Taxi. I got to see what a real driver behind the wheel of an M3 can do on the Ring.

Originally Posted by Heartware View Post
I was at the ring around the same time as you!
Where you there on 16/9 or 17/9?

Didn't you went to IAA Frankfurt?
We were there on 18/9 and 19/9, unfortunately we didn't make it to the IAA. It was a pretty busy weekend for the Ring it seems!

Originally Posted by Lagunae92 View Post
It looks lighter than LSB, almost Riviera blue?
I thought it was LSB, there was an overcast that day that was changing the colors some. Now that you mention it though it could have been something else.

Thanks everyone for the comments!