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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
My understanding is that the s65 is almost impossible to send into limp mode, even in high heat? Evidenced by EAS superchargers in chandler arizona running the cars in the 110 degrees for testing with no issues. This seems like a waste for this car. Now a 335 yes of course but for 2k and labor that is a lot for probably no true benefit except seeing the guage run cooler. Am I wrong about this?
I think this is a valid criticism, however, if you do a search you'll see that limp mode in high heat, with track use, is not uncommon. Now, your second point as to whether the motor needs this or not is probably a "depends." I think for a street use only car it's not necessary at all. For those of us in the hotter climates of the US and who do a fair amount of track work, I think it's a reasonable addition. Previously, when I noticed my car starting to get hot I'd short shift and "go easy" for a couple of laps for it to cool down. The other issue is how long you plan to keep your vehicle. If you tend to keep your car 2-3 years, then I'd think it's not worthwhile. I keep my vehicles on average for 10 years and I think that it may help with longevity. I'm used to air-cooled track cars and when they run too hot they will loosen valve guides, pull head studs and cause other trouble. I think the S65 has shown to be pretty reliable and perhaps even bullet proof, but for me, have some additional cooling given that I'll have it for a long time is peace of mind.