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OP, from what I've read and learned from talking to people, those who want a convertible typically know without a doubt that they want a convertible, which is why they're willing to accept the extra cost and compromises, like rigidity, weight, ugly aluminum trim, having the "chopped-up" roof look when it's up, and a longer flat trunk lid with an extra seam to allow it to flip open backwards for the roof.

Your post is correct that there are merits to both sides and since you list a lot of good points about both I'm guessing that whichever one you choose your mind will convince you that you made the right decision rather than constantly saying "You should've gotten the other one", but given that it doesn't sound like you've got your heart 100% set on a cabrio, I say get the coupe. You'll save money and weight, increase rigidity and (somewhat) practicality, and have a car with much cleaner lines.
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