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Originally Posted by franc View Post

1. this will be my first m3, and i always though M3s should be coupes or racing cars rather than convertibles,

2. i kinda agree with others that if one wants a convertible, then they should get a 328i or 335i, z4, etc, and leave the M3 for its intended racing, light weight, rigid body, 2 door, etc.

8. e93 weights 400 LB more..although i will probably never track my M3 ( but I shouldn't say never) not sure if the 400 extra pounds will be noticeable when cornering, driving aggressive, racing another car off a red light, etc..
M3 is not a race car.
M3 is not light weight.
It has decently rigid body.
400lbs is huge. I can tell the difference of having a passenger at the track.

Originally Posted by franc View Post
3. the e92 has more truck space, which for me with a family and 2 kids, I need the truck space

4. the e92 back seats are more angled backwards, which could be more comfortable for longer trips for rear passengers or kids
I think E90 makes more sense for your case.

Originally Posted by franc View Post there such thing as best of both worlds as getting a sports car and a convertible in one? and therefore the e93 is better than e92 in that sense?
No. It is actually worst of both worlds. You loose the rigidity and you have the massive weight of the metal roof. If the M3 had soft-top, than there would be more of an argument.
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