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Originally Posted by franc View Post
...2. i kinda agree with others that if one wants a convertible, then they should get a 328i or 335i, z4, etc, and leave the M3 for its intended racing, light weight, rigid body, 2 door, etc.
Anyone who thinks that, as long as you're not on a track or pushing the limits, driving a 328, 335 or Z4 is essentially the same experience as an M3 has no appreciation for the vast differences among these cars in everyday driving. I owned a 2008 stage 3 Dinan-modded 335i E90 before trading up to the E93 M3, and there is an extreme difference in driving pleasure in favor of the M3--even at everyday speeds on everyday roads, and even with the top up. A totally different animal.

The view espoused in #2, above, is a one-dimensional, narrow view of the reason(s) for owning a car. If you buy into it, then you should get the E92.