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plz help me decide e92 or e93 one last time

hi all,
based on the following opinion i have gathered about the e92 and e93 from the forums, research and other opinions, please let me know which way is more practical for me, before i pull the trigger on the m3 in a few weeks. i know it's my decision at the end, but looking for good advise and especially those people who bought one but regretted getting the other..


1. this will be my first m3, and i always though M3s should be coupes or racing cars rather than convertibles,

2. i kinda agree with others that if one wants a convertible, then they should get a 328i or 335i, z4, etc, and leave the M3 for its intended racing, light weight, rigid body, 2 door, etc.

3. the e92 has more truck space, which for me with a family and 2 kids, I need the truck space

4. the e92 back seats are more angled backwards, which could be more comfortable for longer trips for rear passengers or kids

5. if i go with e92, I will probably go with a sunroof, but not 100% sure lol all my previous Bimmers had sunroof and it's a nice feature

6. i like the shape of arching shape of the e92 from the back better than the e93

7. e92 will probably have less mechanical failures in the future vs e93, like leaking hard top, hard top opening/closing issues, etc

8. e93 weights 400 LB more..although i will probably never track my M3 ( but I shouldn't say never) not sure if the 400 extra pounds will be noticeable when cornering, driving aggressive, racing another car off a red light, etc..


1. I feel like I don't want to miss out, and i don;t want to buy an expensive luxury sports car and not be able to put the top down and enjoy the wind and joy of driving,,,where i can have best of both worlds, an M3 and a convertible at same time

2. since I am currently working int he middle east, i am looking to ordering and using the M3 here for a couple years perhaps, and then shipping it back to the DC area. The middle east has harsh weather and sand storms, if i get the e93 over here, most likely the e93 hard top will stay up from April - September. From October - March is when the weather is nicer, and less sand storms, and I can have the top down..but even on nice weather days, the dust in this region is much more than North America or Europe, and I would have to clean the car around the clock I feel..

3. But I am really will be getting the e93 here temporary and looking it forward to enjoying it more in the states when I go back. there such thing as best of both worlds as getting a sports car and a convertible in one? and therefore the e93 is better than e92 in that sense?

5. e93 truck is very small from what i heave heard and seen. would this be an issue even for putting weekly groceries in the back?

6. i can see myself in a convertible, but also not sure how i will get used to it with top down and people looking at you all the time, either envying you, being jealous, or just weird looks, etc. i am not trying to show off, just want to enjoy the car and the drive.

my brother has an e46 3 series convertible in the DC area, and he told me he doesn't put the top down that much, but he still enjoys his convertible. and c of course it's not a hard top. and i noticed some people prefer the cloth top convertible because it doesn't take up much space in the truck?

I know once that M3 arrives, I will enjoy it and be happy with whatever I have ordered, even if I still have some second thoughts, I will just live with it.

sorry for jumping all over the place with this, but i look forward for some of your opinions in making this decision and getting the last V8 2012 M3s. thnxs