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380mm Stoptech Trophy and Stock 18's....

After a couple track sessions running over heated stock brakes I figured it was time for an upgrade. After some careful measurements I decided to go with the Stoptech Trophy 380mm kit. What a nice kit and instructions were great. I won't go into the install as there are a few other post detailing how to do it. One post in particular where I would really have to thank for the good tips is this one. Post. It was really helpful and I would definitely recommend anyone getting ready to do this upgrade yourself to read up first as it really helps. Actually one tip I thought was really invaluable was item number 2. in the post. I was a little skeptical at first and expected some brake fluid to be spilled when I disconnect the lines but having the brake pedal depressed and locked at about the halfway mark really works. Hardly any fluid came out after disconnecting the lines. For others looking to do this I took a pic of how I kept the brake pedal depressed using a 2 foot level and wedging it between the pedal itself and the front of the seat. Worked perfectly. Other than that I was sooooo glad the 380mm kit fit the stock 18's. Itís a tight fit but there is still a good amount of clearance. What specifically made it fit was having a 15mm spacer. Without the spacer there would be some interference. Here are some pics from my install.
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