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Originally Posted by ec_E92 View Post
I got some ribbing from some coworkers this morning who saw my car with "bullet holes" in the parking lot.

Picked up a bodyshop wetsand pack today and back to work. After a dry sand with 400 grit I pulled the tape away and reapplied more exposing the edge now so I could blend it in with the bumper. Keep in mind you want to create a slight cavity for the touch up paint to fill.

Now using 1000 grit I wet sanded the perimeter and the spot trying to get just under flush. Pull the tape away and dab with a damp MF towel. Once dry apply the touch up paint. I had to use 2 coats as the blob remover from the Dr. ColorChip kit pulled most of the paint out of the cavity, even after 2 hours. It's great on road rash but not large chips/spots I'm finding. I was more generous with the second coat and just did a light wipe with the blob remover to try and blend the edges. I'd rather have a slight blob than black or red putty showing through. You can also see the right hole is still a little shallow.

All in all a 100% improvement for 2 evenings worth of work and $12 (or $47 counting Dr. ColorChip kit I already had). I'm doing my first ever clay/compound/polish/seal/wax this weekend and I'm hoping it helps to blend it even better... why didn't I try this 2 years ago when I got the car?

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Hi. I'm trying to do this too. My question is did you have any difficulty taking off the painter's tape after you spread the putty into the drill holes and over the tape? Im at that stage. Did you sand down the dried putty that was on the tape before you took it off?
My concern is that if i just rip the tape with the dried putty off the bumper then the putty inside the holes will come off with it. Thanks