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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
Christine is amazing. she really does know her stuff inside and out, and was instrumental in helping to get my order approved despite the fact that some of the options i was ordering conflicted with the individual options i was getting. During the process of finalizing my order, she and i spoke probably 9 or 10 different times, as she explained the entire process to me and what could and couldn't be done. Working with her really humanized working with BMW, which you would imagine being sterile given how big of a company they are.

Glad she was able to help you as well. Your interior looks amazing.
That is what made my order of 9 months easy... the personal interaction and detailed information shared by Christine and the Individual team. I am very detailed- and process-oriented, by profession and personality so this level of personalization was a delight and made me much better appreciate the work and effort done behind our cars.


Can you detail the differences between the OEM Individual Audio speakers as compared against the premium speakers (and even perhaps the stock non-premium speakers)? I'd imagine most of us including myself are not too familiar with the Individual Speaker option.

- esquire
The Premium speakers are the Individual audio speakers... in the USA the Individual Audio is named the Enhanced Premium Audio. Anywhere else it is the Individual Audio.

That tells you that Individual in the USA is somehow still not ready to be openly introduced and marketed by BMW.