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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
No offense but the b7 would obliterate you in an m3.
But that is a v8 and I still think this v12 in the 760li would be a monster. 535hp is a monster and there is no two ways about it. I would love to see a dyno curve of that. Must be one huge flat line from 2k-7k of 400 foot pounds at the wheels.

On the B7 note it is still pretty disapointing given it makes the same hp/torque as the outgoing supercharged v8 with only a bit earlier peak torque. From a TTv8 to only get 500 hp with new internals is pretty lame IMO given that can be achieved with a tune of the regular TTv8 from a 750. Nice car but I would go for the M6 for that money in the 4 door version that is coming.

I think a b7 should be in the 550hp range and really make it stand out. Either way the b7 would crush the competition

I wouldn't say obliterate seeing as both an m3 dct and b7 run around 12.6-12.7 and the m3 usually traps a couple mph higher... The b7 weighs about 1k lbs more
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