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Here is a dealer prep from a dealership that I got to correct..."PITEEFULL" lol

Needless to say, unless the dealerships are going to start training their detailers properly, or allowing PRO detailers to perform the new car preps (available upon request from most dealerships (afterall, they want to make the client happy and make the sale)), dealerships will always have a piss poor track record of being able to detail properly! I have had other car owners tell me the dealership SA told them "swirl marks and buffer trails are nowmal for black cars, you cant get rid of them"...GTFO!!!!!


After I was done 8 hours later:

(blue tape is still on because that was before cleaning the paint and before waxing - after all polishing steps were performed! I didnt know how much longer it the sun would be out/how long it would take to clean up the car to get afters.)