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Originally Posted by uhaulball View Post
i typed the response in less than a minute im not proof reading, the color name is interlagos blue (or whatever) as far as im concerned its just blue.

the point is, if they needed to test it, they could absolutely do so in a non-urban setting, in a less loud color like black, i beg your pardon, JET BLACK... or ALPINE white. they neednt do it in the daytime either. im not saying its wrong to create publicity, but you saying theyre not asking for attention is like saying the woman dressed in a miniskirt and tubetop isnt trying to draw attention, shes just testing out her new boobjob.
You don't get the point, that's a FEP car from the preproduction. Most important part of that stage of testing is to see how good the production works and where are bugs/errors/faults left. This will be done for all variations of colours and equipment. It's part of the last testing stage not a act of creating a hype. BMW "drives" with black testing cars as long as possible.

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