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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
yeah I looked into this, but regular tire air (aka oxygen) is ~80% nitrogen anyways.

unless you track your car, or putting it in storage for a long period of time etc, then its a waste of $$

I mentioned storage b/c regular air isn't as compressed as much as nitrogen is and therefore has the potential to carry more moisture which can lead to inner tire rot over very, long, extended periods of time. Nitrogen is essential "dry" air.

don't let the dealerships sucker you into putting nitrogen into you tires saying it will hold pressure better. It does, but by a margin, and for most of us that are daily drivers, really not worth it. Just maintain proper tire pressure with regular air and you'll be fine.

just my .02 cents.
Your exactly right but my bmw is my third driver so it just sits in the garage most of the time so it was kinda worth it for me.