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Originally Posted by Shakal View Post
iPhone 4S is big dissapointment IMO. I had iPhone 4 and in May I bought SGS2, which is much better and faster phone. I hoped Apple would launch iPhone 5 with a bigger display, but 4S is a joke IMO. I little improved iPhone 4 isn't enough and I guess Apple won't have great year. Also SGS2 works great and I like Android a lot, so I doubt I would go back to closed OS like iOS.

Next week Google and Samsung will launch Google Nexus Prime (or Nexus Galaxy):


AHHHHHH this is killing me! I can't wait till the 11th!! After BGR really botched the iPhone 5 release a couple days ago, I'll definitely trust GSMarena more. Especially considering that BGR is so apple biased that they would of course want to down play the epic-ness of the Nexus Prime...
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