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Originally Posted by SuperJoust View Post
I'm a new M3 owner and want to get better at getting the most out of this thing. I'm particularly wondering about going from 1st to 2nd. Whether I am launching from a stop, or just wanting to gradually ease in, I feel I'm not shifting efficiently.

Whenever I try and shift from 1st to 2nd, it gets blocked and has to stop and hang in neutral for a beat before I can fully move on to 2nd. There's a significant loss of momentum there, and I figure there must be something better I can do to improve that.

Even more, sometimes I can take off just wrong and my car does kind of a bouncy, jerky motion for a few seconds before smoothing out.
Your seat position is important. Your seat should be positioned so that your clutch pedal hits the floorboard firmly. When you hit a long stretch of highway which does not involve shifting, you might want to bring your seat back allowing you to stretch your legs more comfortably.

If you encounter bucking movement when you first start off it means your car is not sufficiently warmed up. Depress the clutch and slowly engage it again and the beast will calm down.