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wow, I think BestBuy yanked it off the site, Hooy. I was just there 48 hours ago and they had the LCE (It has the blue F10 M5 on the cover, normal F4 has the 458). I pre ordered mine at least a month ago, maybe two months. The very second I found out LCE was strictly BMW I basically sprinted to my PC to pre order haha.

I do recall hearing that BestBuy was looking at a LCE shortage, and the same friend told me that the normal forza 4 will still include the 1M once it hits the shelves (only at best buy, tho; i.e. - you might not have to pre order it).

But to those that don't know BOTH normal and LCE get the 1M if pre ordered. That much is for sure.
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