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Yeah, I saw the reduced BestBuy price. What a group of ass holes....They specifically targeted BMW fans who would pre order ASAP the LCE. Now I understand everyone has to make money, but when you purposely jack the price of a game up by 10-15% for the first month of pre ordering then drop it 10-15% for the second month you're just dealing in bad business.

I've despised BestBuy my entire life; I only go there to walk around and drool. I never buy anything, until now. They KNEW the 1M would attract huge numbers of forum goers like us, so they raised the price to screw us then dropped the price after 90% of the pre orders were in so when it hits the shelve they are competitive once more with walmart, new egg, amazon etc.

Screw BestBuy.

But I say all this with a tiny grin, 'cause Imma fkn THRASH that 1M on my virtual race track. With all that low end torque, keeping traction through the corners will be difficult.........and I cannot WAIT to lose traction and drift that bad boy!!
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