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Originally Posted by netjack View Post
Long story short, annoying rattle turned out to be driver side window rubbing against the seals. Took it in to get tightened. Tech strongly recommended against tightening the window as that would cause damage to the tint (streaks due to opening/closing the window would develop after a few weeks). He refused to do it without me sleeping on it.

Now I have a tire bubble which probably means the tire needs to be replaced and warrants another visit (not sure whether wheel warranty covers this or the regular car warranty).

At any rate, the rattle is annoying but I suppose the streaks on the window would be worse. What do you guys think?
I recommend you find out who did the tint job (dealer should know, unless you had it done after delivery). I would then ask the tint shop for recommendations. They properly have dealt with issues like this before. I am sure that they have a solution like adding a soft shim or similar non invasive material to the outside of the glass (since tint is on the inside) to resolve the rattle.

Give it a try, good luck.
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