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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Exactly. Now you have no money (not even an insulting $35, let alone your god-given right to $70), have to drive further to a different dealership you have no relationship with (10 minutes driving an M3 burns how much gas?) and so on. Principles are great and all but they can be expensive.

If I'm an SA and I see 5k miles on the car since the last service I'd feel like a pretty decent guy offering to split the cost on a problem *I never saw and have no first-hand proof of*.

I've been there dude. It's easier to get indignant and pissed and throw down the "customer is always right" card than it is to consider the big picture. Nothing good has ever come of the former for me, but the latter has definitely saved me a ton of time and stress.
You really are missing it my friend. $10 in gas to avoid aggravation is a steal! Just for the record, I got "mean", if you want to call it that, after I couldn't get anyone on the phone and kept getting the same answer with no plausible explanation other than "well the car has 5k miles on it".

I didn't throw down the "customer is always right" card. Having worked in customer service for my entire career, I know that to not be the case.

Still waiting for an explanation of how the oil filter loosened itself.