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1st Annual "DubRun" to Hawk's Nest, NY - Sunday, October 23rd (rain or shine)

Looking for a reason to detail your car before winter? Looking for some photos or video of your car before their covered in salt from the snow and ice? Want to get out for one last cruise with your performance tires? Want to meet some sponsors to see their products and shop cars? Looking for a local car meet to join?

Welcome to the 1st annual “DubRun” to Hawk’s Nest, NY on Sunday, October 23rd! The annual “DubRun” was created for everyone to get their detailed cars out for a cruise and photo / video shoot before winter comes and freezes us out of enjoying them. The “DubRun” will be a yearly event for all European cars with a new cruise route planned each year. This event will be held rain or shine!

8:00am Sunday, October 23rd
The event will start at the Meadtown Shopping Center (1500 State Rt. 23S, Butler, NJ) where everyone can grab breakfast and lunch at Kinnelon Bagels, pack up the coolers and receive event bags before the cruise begins at 9:30am. Kinnelon Bagels will have “DubRun” breakfast and lunch specials for the day of the event. The Meadtown Shopping Center parking lot serves as a great meeting location due to the massive amount of empty spaces in the morning with easy access to the highway.

From there the cruise can travel up Rt. 23N to High Point State Park just before the NJ / NY state borderline for the cruise re-group, photo / video shoot and BYO lunch. The cruise can enter the park and take the scenic drive up to the Monument parking lot. If this parking lot is full, the cruise can move to the Beach parking lot near the park entrance. High Point State Park maps will be included in the event bags.

After lunch and the photo / video shoot, the cruise can leave High Point State Park to continue along Rt. 23N, pass through Port Jervis, NY and end up along a famous motorcycle and car enthusiast route called Hawk’s Nest. After passing through Hawk’s Nest, the cruise can continue up Rt. 97N along the Delaware River. The cruise can then take the reverse route back to the Meadtown Shopping Center for the final photo / video opportunity.

Event Info Packets
200 event bags will be handed out on a first come, first serve basis and will include:
-Raffle tickets for the prizes provided by our sponsors
-Timeline for the event
-Recommended self-inspection & cruise safety checklist
-Recommended cruise route
-High Point State Park Map
-Business cards and sponsor material
-Event stickers

-If time permits, get out and detail your cars!
-Bring your friends, family or significant others as your co-pilot to navigate with the map in the event info packet you will receive
-Perform a safety self-inspection (full tank of gas, full oil / coolant / brake fluid levels, correct tire pressure and condition, tight lug nuts, brake function properly, headlights / turn signals / brake lights function properly, overall mechanical condition, etc.)
-Absolutely no passing on single lane roads by crossing the double yellow line, this route contains many dangerous blind curves
-Avoid tailgating; maintain a 2-3 car length on windy, single lane roads
-Avoid cell phone usage (calling / texting / cameras / internet)
-Please leave your headlights and fog lights on during cruise for highest possible visibility
-Keep your car clear of loose objects which may cause a distraction (loose items flying around from your door pockets / back seats / trunk / dash / storage trays)
-Secure all car cleaning products for any quick detailing (photo / video shoot at High Point State Park)
-If you have a personal radio, please use it to communicate with friends or the pack during the cruise (channel will be announced the day of the event)
-Have active Registration and Insurance cards readily available

Photo / Video
There will be a professional videographer onsite (RKR Productions) the entire day to create our event DVD and “DubRun” commercial.
If you have cameras or video cameras, please bring them to the event; we will be looking to collect as much video footage as possible. After the cruise ends at the Meadtown Shopping Center for the final photo / video opportunity, please bring the data transfer cable for your cameras so we may copy your footage to our laptop before leaving. Please post your online photo albums in the DubRun threads after the event.

We have reached out to several companies to see if they want to sponsor this event. In terms of sponsoring, we’re looking for these companies to possibly provide business cards, product brochures, discount coupons, goodie bags and other swag (bags, t-shirts, hats, keychains, bottle openers, stickers, etc). If companies agree to sponsor this event, their company name, contact information and logo will be added to post #2 of this thread.
While we would love for sponsors to provide some swag to be handed out with the event info packet, we would ask that they actually attend the event and cruise with us. We’re looking for sponsors to bring their shop cars, this way everyone can meet face to face and see the products first hand. If you are a sponsor or have recommendations for sponsors, please post here or PM me to be added to this thread. Donations for event costs covered by the club are welcome!

Please help advertise this event! This information will be posted in,,,,,,,,,,,, and If you belong to any of these forums, please help post the link to this event thread in your club threads to help advertise across all of the driver forums.

General Updates
Please check back here as post #1 and #2 will be updated frequently.

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-The DubRun event, website(s) and any physical material which state starting times, running order and on-the-day locations are subject to change at any time, up to and including the show day. The organizers will use their best endeavors to provide advertised locations, but circumstances beyond their control - such as weather conditions or construction - may mean that some or all of the show events are altered, abandoned or cancelled.
-These terms are not intended to confer any benefit on a third party under the provision of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.
-These Terms & Conditions of use shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with United State law.
-By attending the DubRun event and viewing the website(s) and any physical material you are agreeing to all terms above.

Tell me Hawk’s Nest doesn’t look like fun…

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