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Originally Posted by M3Bahn View Post
Fire Engulfs Office Building in Madrid

City officials were afraid the building might collapse entirely.

"At this point the fire can't be fought and we have to wait," said Pedro Calvo, the official in charge of the fire department and other emergency services.

Firefighters and police evacuated nearby buildings and streets for fear of a total collapse. Firefighters also started hosing down neighboring office buildings to keep the fire from spreading.

Arent you proving our point with this example? Youre giving an example in which an office fire nearly brought down a building.

Isnt that what were saying happened.

Also you cant make direct comparisons between these buildings because a) the WTC towers were all much larger b) those buildings had firefighters battling them the entire time.

Also, as a note. The NYC building commission has outlawed exoskeleton buildings being built in NYC due to the way the towers succumbed to fire in the manner that they did.