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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
Not hulking, don't know why you think I am. I just don't think your analogy is good - honestly...there probably isn't a particularly nice way to say that.

With regard to the whole "their mind" thing. I told them the car leaked oil the entire time at a slow pace. Besides, it would take a pretty major impact to move the filter and cause a leak. There would be evidence of damage and none was noted by the other dealer. Likewise, my father in law is not a dishonest guy, so he would have told me and them. So what I'm saying is that their whole logic is totally flawed from the start, so I really have no interest in looking at it from their point of view when they make no sense.
your user name seems befitting. singletrack... as in you can only think of it a single way: yours. anytime there is a dealership involved and a customer... you have two perspectives. which is right and which is wrong is a moot point. give and take a little here and there. they have likely given you a little bit of a handout over the years where you didnt even realize it.

if you're going to write back again, you may as well consider both their perspective and yours as both are 50% of the argument.
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