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Originally Posted by dibxna View Post
take a step backward a page on the thread and actually read what i wrote before you get all hulk style there fella.

In their mind you drove 5017 miles and anywhere along the line something could have happened that was driver fault or road conditions or some external factor that was not directly their fault that caused this leak. For them to justify a full cost of replacement when it had been driven so far was not something they would have felt responsible for.

notice the bold slanty underlined part of my statement... and if it wasnt made clear just now... ill type it in caps in big hulk like letters THEIR MIND

i didnt say in my mind you drove... they are a business that looks at it as what it is. 5000 miles put on a car then a complaint about a service. many businesses wouldnt stand up and absorb this cost whether they should or not.

i would be just as frustrated as you are if i was in your shoes but sometimes taking a moment to look at it from the angle they are also helps understand the reply you get from the person who has to make a decision.

The person who made this decision probably did the same and saw how from your side it would be frustrating and could have been their fault. and from his side he probably thinks his techs are great and did no wrong and that you waited too long for it to be really possible that it was their fault 5000 miles prior so he just said "f it, ill split it 50/50 and hope its all good".

sales people have a way of making it work better... i too had a rough start to an experience with my first service in my m3. i bought the car from a dealership that was half an hour away as opposed to 5 minutes away (same dealership, just a dif location) and was told that they would always reserve a loaner car for me if trying to schedule in advance. the sa told me "we dont reserve loaner cars due to cancellations and no shows being too frequent" and one call to my sales manager i had a new email letting me know my loaner car would be reserved and waiting the next morning.

i am in agreement with you so wasnt exactly expecting your big green muscles to come trying to rip me up.
Not hulking, don't know why you think I am. I just don't think your analogy is good - honestly...there probably isn't a particularly nice way to say that.

With regard to the whole "their mind" thing. I told them the car leaked oil the entire time at a slow pace. Besides, it would take a pretty major impact to move the filter and cause a leak. There would be evidence of damage and none was noted by the other dealer. Likewise, my father in law is not a dishonest guy, so he would have told me and them. So what I'm saying is that their whole logic is totally flawed from the start, so I really have no interest in looking at it from their point of view when they make no sense.