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Originally Posted by haze gray View Post
So the oil line could not have loosened at any time during the cross country trip? I could see posting about a $703.00 bill, but $70.30? C'mon.
It isn't a line, it is an oil filter....and to answer your question, no oil filters do not loosen on their own. In the case of the 2006 750Li, the filter clips into a housing and then the housing snaps into place, then there is a drain plug on the housing itself. Holy over-engineering Germany ; )

I'm not sure if it was the plug that wasn't torqued properly, or the housing that was not snapped in properly. Whatever they did, it fixed the problem. As mentioned, he did not hit any debris or sustain any damage, so how else would it have gotten that way? SCS was the last to touch it.

The oil drip was discovered when he first went back to CT, so maybe after 1k miles. He couldn't find a leak, so he thought it might just be from a "messy" change when there is extra oil leaking down from the subframe, etc. He kept driving it while monitoring and the leak remained constant and very small. When he was done with his vacation, he had it fixed. It's all rather logical.

It isn't the amount of money; you are totally missing the point.