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Originally Posted by Edjay View Post
Given theres a 5000 mile difference I can see where the SM is coming from as far as oil leak, and not coming back right away. But I have paid or refunded customers that I know we did nothing wrong, with knowing He or she is a good customer and I will earn my money back. I just simply tell the customer, We really cant accept blame as you have 5000 miles between our last service, but let me take care of your bill for you, sorry for any inconvinience, or better yet, I woud just offer the next oil service free of charge.
Those are all reasonable comments, but let's not forget what Paul *actually* said though since we are exploring this avenue:

"If we had not properly secured the oil filter housing 5,017 miles ago the vehicle would have lost all of its oil. The vehicle wouldn't have made it 100 miles and not left a puddle of oil on the floor."

He is saying that what another BMW dealer told me is impossible - it simply could not have happened. There is no way for an oil filter to have a slow leak. It is either properly installed, or all the oil will fall out. Therefore, it must be impossible that tightening the oil filter fixed it as well. So my father in law and the other bmw dealer must be mistaken. Does that really seem likely? Would a reasonably intelligent person actually entertain that explanation. Would the fact that they had to even process it aggravate them...especially over $35?