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^ RD

Oh I get that the bad experiences suck, and I can beat that one
  1. Take my wife's SUV in for 60k mile service
  2. It's up on the rack, INSIDE THEIR BUILDING, overnight
  3. In the morning I get a call: "Your car's ready, but someone broke in overnight and stole your stereo" WTF?!? Very nice Alpine BTW
  4. Yes, their work order says they aren't liable. But their GM (owner's kid...) refused to even talk to me about paying for the loss. Even though the car was IN THEIR BUILDING
  5. Come to find out, they've had multiple break-ins over the past years. D'ya think it MIGHT be an inside job...?

F*ckers. But hey, did my best to cost them some money by telling everyone I know not to buy from them. After that, screw it.

So I completely agree with you, but the good still outweighs the bad.