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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Well on this forum, none of the conspirators are democrats, and I think that goes for the general population. The anti-govt crowd has moved over to the tea party.

And while I appreciate the PE's and civil eng's checking-in here, I'm more confounded by the logic of these truthers than anything. What do these people actually believe? Do they agree that terrorists flew the planes? If so, then what do they think happened? The US govt coincidentally detonated the trade center & pentagon at the same time they were hit by planes?

Maybe the planes were flown by agents of the US govt? And the planes were used as a ruse to cover-up the planned detonation? I mean, this is seriously crazy sh!t.

Anyone can say "I don't think agency X is telling the whole truth", but it's another thing to take the conspiracy to it's batshit nutso conclusion. Really, what's this been all about for the last 10 years?
Are any of you going to stop babbling and respond to my questions?