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Originally Posted by M3Now! View Post
As a general statement, understand why you would say that. But my experience with customer service this year (just as an example) has been about 90% positive, with some of it spectacularly so.

The bad 10% have been the aberration, and it's been more idiocy than just lack of caring. Maybe it's a Texas thing (and no, I'm not from here, not trying to imply Texas = superior)?

Quite true what you are saying I give you that it's the 10% that can turn into a 90% stupidity that leaves a bad taste in a fellows mouth ... I am sure you agree. As an example ....

In 2000 I ordered a Mercedes M Class as my company car. I drove my wife's 300 Series AMG to the same dealership since the A/C was not working. I knew fairly well say 90% sure what it needed to get fixed (a simple fuse) so I ask the service manager for help. The outside temperature was nearing 100 F. The service manager simply said sorry we can only take you mid next week (this was a Monday). Well I gently reminded him I am a steady costumer purchased several cars here and have a M Class on order right now, I added that I am not very happy with what he told me for a very simple check and fix.

The Service Manager simply replied "I don't care and we can only take you next week" Needless to say, I drove across town and the issue was resolved straight away by none other then the service manager at that dealership. Needless to say I canceled my M Class order at the other dealership and re-orderd it were I got service with a smile.

As I learned later when I picked up my downpayment cheque the service manager was fired.

I find in most cases that people forget who the customer is, in some cases they behave as if they are doing you a favour something not right here.
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