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Username: Schnell325
Region: Vancouver BC
Dealership Name: The BMW Store
Sales or Service: Service on 335xi
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: Koren/Andrea
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): negative 5!!
Work Performed/Attempted: air intake piece f*ck up
Recommended? (Yes or No): NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS
Additional Comments:
-purchased car new April 2010 (but live 800 km away from any dealer)
-CEL light from first start up -service dept cleared code....blamed bad gas
-300km later.....CEL -erratic idle/stalling
-diagnosed as a cracked intake boot later in 2010 at Dilawri BMW in Regina Sask.....N55 was new engine, so no piece. Siliconed the piece until future service.

-June 15 2011...requested part be ordered from The BMW Store for service on July 15th
-July 14th, received a call saying the part was back-ordered!! And did we what to reschedule?!?! I'm 800km away!! I'm not cancelling.
July 15th, get to The BMW Store, voice my concern over the missing part. Andrea calls the Parts Dept and says that the part will be here Monday.....I am very skeptical at this point.
-July 29th, pick the car up. Andrea is not there and apparently no other SA is allowed to go over my invoice or even talk to me....I ask the cashier if the intake piece came in and was installed....."yes" was the reply. At this point I realise I should have forced the issue....but I didn't (lesson learnt)
-over the course of 4-5 weeks, I try to get Andrea to respond to my emails requesting an invoice....nothing.
-I get my sales advisor to contact the Sales Manager Koren.
-she sends me an invoice, but it's for a service on my M3 from 2010
-I ask for my wifes, and she says it's still open....pending an intake piece arriving from Germany. I am boiling at this point.
-they send me the part out of "good faith" so I can install it.

I question everything that went wrong, and there was lots I'm leaving out on this post, but the GM of the whole dealership blamed some family problems with Andrea that they had to handle, "we dropped the ball", her work wasn't evenly distributed, blah blah blah. He evens says he'll email me back within a few hours after looking in to the situation more......2 weeks later I email him to ask him where we are at and his response came across liket he was annoyed I asked him about it. I responded back that this nice thing about the whole situation is that I'll never set foot in his store ever again. He never responded

All I can say is the The BMW Store in Vancouver will never see another penny from myself. I'll never service any BMW there, and I'll never buy another car from them, nor recommend them to anyone.
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