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Originally Posted by Jlevi SW View Post
+1. We had a customer a few months ago that came in with the exact same specs you are looking for. Wanted the full Akra Evo set up but after hearing it decided that he didn't want to wake the neighborhood every day. Went with the slip on version and has been super happy ever since.

Once you get the tune, ESS, Evolve, or whatever, the loudness does go down during "normal" driving experience. My car kinda of sounds stock plus a few db higher. You hear it around 2-5k rpm in the cabin but that is still not as bad as if you didn't get a tune. Definitely won't wake up the neighborhood and I live in a neighborhood where pampers aren't just for babies.

I haven't heard Gintani in person but from video clips, it is way different and louder than a akra..i'd go akra with a tune.
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