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Originally Posted by TTBear View Post
I read this post with interest, and with at first, some degree of sympathy for your situation, until I got to the part that said "I reaffirm that I am an important customer".

I don't doubt that you were mistreated to a certain degree, but really......
Really? Understand your point but disagree with you (which is the beauty of forums )

I'm sure the OP was simply shorthanding "I've bought about ten cars from you over the past ten years" to "important customer" when he typed it.

Also, the dealer is nuts to not simply take care of him for $70 as a customer service gesture. They touched it last so there's a good chance they're at fault, and they've made way more than that on him as a customer. Heck, my bank has fixed a problem for about the same amount that was clearly my mistake (and I told them so), but they have enough of my business that they were happy to do it.

In fact, I would be a bit surprised if my local BMW dealer wouldn't take care of it for me, and this is my first purchase from them.