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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
Thanks for the support Rolf! I will post in that thread.

Agree 100% on BMW AG needing to be more involved. When you call BMW USA they will flat out tell you that there is no follow-up on your complaint. They link it to the VIN, they send it to the dealer, supposedly do something, but they never get back to you. You can call back in and request an update, but that is not a particularly good system either.
Very true ... in my case it was like a phone tag issue BMW Canada Customer Service ask me to call BMW USA Customer Service ... and that went back and forth for a spell ... then believe it or not the Service Manager of BMW Idaho Falls called me to fax them my invoice for the wheel since they don't have it on file. I know why they gave me a number not even bothered to put my name on a new wheel invoice. Then after follow up phone calls they ask me to take the invoice with the number to my Canadian Dealership. I did just that ... much later the Canadian Dealership here locally declared my wheel bend LOL naturally it was bend since the Idaho Tire shop (that BMEW took me to) removed my RFT from my Z4 with 2 tire irons leaving deep gauge marks in the rim ... Bottom line the local BMW dealer did not review all the facts, simply declared my wheel bend. This is why I got rid of the Z4 purchased my M3 elsewhere and our DD now is a MB and not a x3 BMW ...
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