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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
You should have bought a 6MT... Starting to wonder if you're just trolling here to start yet another DCT vs. 6MT flame war... I found multiple instances in the manual where it says exactly what I described, so the fact that you didn't read thoroughly enough is obvious.

In Drive Mode:
For sudden acceleration maneuvers such as
passing, depress the accelerator past the resistance
point. This provides maximum acceleration.

Sport program and manual operation M/S:
Quick downshifting: Even in sequential mode,
you can skip over several gears in order to
achieve an optimum acceleration. To do so,
depress the accelerator past the resistance

If I need to quickly accelerate, I'd much rather push the throttle down past the resistance point, flip the switch ONCE to downshift automatically to 2nd or 3rd or whatever gear it decides, instead of going one by one down to 2nd or 3rd from 7th. It has come in handy getting out of the way of morons stopped in the middle of the highway, or merging onto the highway from an on-ramp.
You know I found over the years that manuals are not very reliable they do contain quite a bit of generic information. For example, I had issues in the past few weeks with the ABS and Low Tire Pressure Alarms. I looked after the tire pressure making sure each of my wheels had the correct pressure levels (using nothing but the best tools BTW). Then it came to resetting the TPM system on my e92 2011, and you know following the manual was a total waste of time ... In the end the button was in fact on the dash that I had to use not on the single hand lever as described on page 74 (if I remember the page number correctly).

So bottom line is ... don't believe all you read in those manuals
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