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Originally Posted by vonwilbs View Post
Sounds like you overreacted and very much contributed to the end of your relationship with SCS. He responded to your request with what he thought was reasonable science and offered to meet you halfway (50%). You really forced a bad interaction when you said his offer was pathetic and a waste of your time. You probably could have recovered all your money if you played it cool and worked it out with them. We all know dealers can be d*ckheads, but so can customers.
yeah but as a dealer they have to take the high road and do what is right no matter if the OP was a dick or not. To be fair the dealer should have anticipated a pretty negative response when they offered to pay for half of an issue they were wholly responsible for.

Customers can be dicks but it is a result of the dealer not providing the level of service that is expected from a brand such as BMW. Yes it is a two way street but at the end of the day the dealer was wrong and should have sucked up the 35.00. As the OP has stated he is a loyal customer. As we all know all customers are not equal.

Great customer service is the floor not the ceiling on dealer with people. Everyone should get treated with respect, but if you have a customer like the OP the dealer really should go out of the way to help him. 35.00 is a small investment in securing future sales. If the OP was hitting the dealer up for 35.00 left and right, they would have to put their foot down eventually but this doesn't seem to be the case.