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Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
I know what you're trying to say about Porcello. But truthfully, against the Yankees, there really isn't an in between. You kind of need a pitcher to be that type of a starter. He needs to have the ability to be lights out. If Jekyl shows up it won't matter anyway because the game will probably be lost.
Yeah Fister is that kind of pitcher, but he's just more frequently lights-out than others.... Obviously our lineup has some issues. Avila and Betemit don't think it's a good idea to do jack shit at the plate, Betemit is trying to field with his glove up his ass, and we've generally failed to produce with runners on, even the big guys.

Fister can shut a team down. Our lineup can be devastating. However, they've chosen not to be so far. The top of the lineup isn't producing and neither is the bottom (except for Inge!!). We're failing at bunting, failing at advancing the runners, failing to even put the ball in play when that's all we have to do in certain situatoins.... The big guys are failing to have a big impact on the game. Leyland thinks Kelly is a better choice than Ordonez. I don't see this team winning tomorrow. Especially since our only reliable middle inning guy is having trouble just getting an out without being shelled (rookie Alburquerque). We're a year away from being competitors IMO.