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Originally Posted by jmarino21 View Post

I looked into this car recently myself. And others similar to it in your area. Be careful of the following:

Luxury Auto Xchange is a subsidiary of Perillo BMW. Search around this forum and you'll see they have a generally bad reputation. Selling refurbished track cars and lemon law buybacks, other complaints. They were straight up with me but I think they could tell I wasn't stupid about what I was looking at.

The fact that the Carfax doesn't have any owners listed means that the car was previously owned by BMW. And not in the dealer loaner/demo sense. Those cars have to be titled. The car you're looking at was probably auctioned by BMW after being used at their performance center - a track car.

Make sure you get all the info you can about maintenance history. I know for a fact that Perillo has two used 09 M3's at their main facility on the north side that are both former performance center cars. One of their SA's there told me this straight up. Their Carfax reports look just like the one you posted above.

100% track use may or may not be the end of the world - I'll let others who are more knowledgeable about that chime in if they want. I personally would not buy that car, though, unless it was heavily discounted.

Check out e90 great lake forum...if the car is anything related to Perillo or LAX. Then is 90% bad news....
+Performance center car..I don't know man...I personally think you should check around...I would buy a slightly higher mile regular car than a 100% track time car.

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