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1) Whenever I get in and out of the car I make sure not to rub on the outside of the seat because I don't want it to look worn.

2) I only close the door using the door handle (never touch any other part of the car).

3) I live in San Diego and the other night we went to the beach and when my friends got back in the car, I had them take off their shoes because there might have been some sand leftover.

4) Wash it once a week.

5) No food/drink except for bottled water.

6) I go to college right now and I have the option to park outside right next to the dorm but instead I park it far away in a covered garage and walk instead.

7) Last one, I'm really careful about touching my steering wheel just like someone else posted if my hands are even slightly dirty.

Haha this makes me sound kind of ridiculous but hey, everyone's saying it's normal