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Winter M3 driving and rear diff clearance?

I did search for this but came up empty so advice would be appreciated.

My M3 is my daily driver and winter car. I have ordered a set of snow wheels with Blizzaks and am confident that it will generally do just fine here in Ohio short of a huge snow storm. I have always had RWD sports cars and never really had any issues with good snow tires. The one concern I have is with that fragile-looking, low hanging rear diff. My neighborhood (urban narrow cobblestone streets) does not get plowed in winter so we tend to get the two wheel ruts with a high center crest of snow in between. And then it rains and re-freezes and that center crest becomes an ice ridge. No problem for the SUVs and most cars but I'm worried that my ZCP equipped E92M3 will be dragging the diff on the ice. Anyone else experienced this? Other than driving off center (left wheels on the crest) any other ideas?